If you have questions or need anything, the best way to contact Mike is on the phone. He likes to chat and will call you back if you don't catch him right away. Feel free to also text him, or email him (email may take a little longer to receive a response. 😊)

Phone: (304) 940-0960


Mailing Address: The Charm Farm 279 Whitman Run Road, Beverly, WV 26253

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Driving Directions to The Charm Farm

Driving Directions to the Charm Farm from Elkins: Drive South on Georgetown Road, accessible from the middle school (Haddix Rd.) or through the industrial park (Livingston Ave.). From the bridge over the river, go 4.6 miles. You’re looking for a gravel road on the right hand side that is between a board fence and a short section of guardrail. If you reach the yellow passing lines on the road, you’ve gone too far. Once on the gravel, go straight back, past the red gate and pull up to the big tan barn. Walk around the left side and go in the door.

Driving Directions to the Charm Farm from Beverly: From 219/250 South, turn right onto Rich Mtn. Road. Drive until you come to a stop sign. Turn right. You are now on Georgetown Road. Drive two miles and turn left onto the gravel road after the short section of guardrail. Follow directions above.

Driving Directions to the Dew Farm

Driving Directions to the Dew Farm from Elkins: once on Georgetown Road, go 5.7 miles past the bridge over the river and you will be looking for a tall 8′ fence along the left side of the road.  You should be able to see a barn and three greenhouses from atop the hill.  Take the next left and you’ve arrived.

Driving Directions to the Dew Farm from Beverly: turn left on Georgetown Road in downtown Beverly. Go one mile to the stop sign. Turn right to continue on Georgetown Road. Go one mile and you will see a tall 8′ fence on your right.  You will see a shiny metal grain silo and a barn with greenhouses behind it.  Turn right and you’ve arrived.