And The Rain Keeps Coming

Drought-stricken May is a distant memory as we make our way into the fifth straight week of constant rain.  That is not an exaggeration.  There have been three days since June 1 that it hasn't rained.  Transplants are either stuck in the greenhouse or they have been drowning in the field, the ground is mud, the field corn has been sitting in four inches of water for the past month, and forecasters don't even read the weather anymore- it's just rain.  And it's more than just a touch frustrating but crops are still coming in.  Thank goodness.  Green beans and the cucurbits are in high gear, tomatoes are ready but reluctant to ripen (probably has something to due with that big yellow orb not showing its face), the sweet corn is starting to fill out its ears, and the brassicas have been enjoying this temperate jungle climate.  Regardless, it still needs to dry out some.

On a different note, the barn dance and dinner is fast approaching and posters have been hung around town.  If you plan on attending, please call or email to reserve your spot and bring a homemade pie or cake for the cakewalk if you like.  In case you haven't seen this yet, here's a treat...