Farmer To Farmer


There are many instances on the farm where I find myself stuck in a tedious and necessary but relatively quiet task, a welcome change from the rumble and racket of tractor work.  It is during these times of greenhouse seeding or tomato pruning that the well-worth-the-$70 job site boombox gets put to use, especially during the least exciting task of all, driving.  Sometimes music will give me that boost of energy and rhythm to plow through those jobs, but for the past year or so, podcasts have been the go-to for those times when my mind needs to hear something other than itself.  Yeah, the NPR mainstays of Wait, Wait and This American Life fulfill the entertainment void that seeding broccoli doesn't exactly provide but I really love it when I get to nerd out on Thursday or Friday to the latest Farmer to Farmer podcast hosted by veteran farmer and well respected consultant Chris Blanchard.  Chris taps into his vast network of friends and mentors to talk about what is happening in the market farming and sustainable agriculture world which really becomes a conversation about life on a farm and what it takes to make that work in regards to business practices, family life, technology and so much more.  The farming line of work doesn't necessarily allow one to traipse around and shoot the bull with the market farmer down the lane or across the country.  Our sort is scattered about the land and as much as we'd like to take the time to talk and learn with fellow growers, we don't always have the luxury of time, that's why I so appreciate the work Chris is doing and the podcast universe that provides space for these conversations.

A couple weeks ago, I emailed Chris regarding a question he asked on the show.  Well, a simple email signature tipped him off that I had a farm and after a bit of googling the Charm Farm, Chris invited me to be a guest on his show to discuss the process of starting a whole diet CSA as well as integrating livestock and crop production.  I was deeply honored but more nervous than I've been in some time, I mean, he has interviewed several of the market farming rock stars.  But alas, we talked, it went well and now you can listen in to as well. Here is the link.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the conception of the farm and why I do what I do.  Enjoy.