I'd love to chew the fat with you, but...

The sun is going down and rain is in the forecast. Nothing like that second wind of energy to get me from the post-lunch drowsiness through evening milking, and on this particular night, typing out some farm updates for you all. Impending rain is usually the catalyst that helps me get through these ever-longer days. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. Therefore, it'll be an extra early day working on the high tunnel. Speaking of which, it now has plastic on it. Certainly not a solo job, so my most appreciative thanks goes out to Gabriel(my superhero carpenter), Andy and Tim for getting the structure covered and looking like a greenhouse. Some other progress on the farm since I last wrote is that there are now 7000 little strawberry plants in the ground and off to a good start, thanks to Greta and Gabriel. First go using the water wheel transplanter- a most mysterious piece of equipment until you see it work. Might be my new favorite tool on the farm as it changed some incredibly back-breaking work into a genuine pleasure, albeit active work, and all the workings of it are mechanical and simple to use and repair. It embodies the basics of a well-designed tool. The angus cows are starting to drop calves, just as grass is really becoming abundant. This grass milk is higher in vitamins and fat content. It is the same with Jersey milk. You might notice a more yelllow color this week. It's delicious and especially nutritious. The same beta carotene that makes the egg yolks so golden. Ok, so this is where I fell asleep while typing. You may have noticed that the aforementioned forecast doesn't quite bode with these couple days of sunshine. I think that calls for a new paragraph.

It's been a meat cutting last couple of days. Beef and pork with some sausage making in the very near future. Members might just see some green stuff this week at distribution. Speaking of which, I'm pretty darn excited that this is week one of fifty-two for the no-longer-solely-winter CSA (catchy, huh?). I am looking forward to everything that is the inaugural season of the CSA. Motivation is ever present when you know where and to whom all the fruits of your labor are going- such a luxury in a career.

Some new members will be coming on board this month. I'd really appreciate it if some of the vets chat about/demonstrate the procedure for the buffet-style distribution, as it is a somewhat paradoxical concept for a market. Some other pertinent member news is that there will be a farm wide tour for members(current and potential) during the month of May. I was leaning towards a Saturday afternoon. What do you all think?