We have made it through the hunger moon of February in fine form, yet the growing conditions haven't seemed to improve much with the onset of March and the pending time change.  There is hope though, as each day more seedlings reveal themselves and the maple sap is running over in Pickens.  Regardless, the hunger moon stills bears its weight upon the CSA. In light of this, I am adjusting (so often used to denote a hike in price!) the adult rate of the CSA to a modest $150 which I feel more reflects the offerings from the farm.  The humble potato stands strong as our sole vegetable representative.  Joel the Baker has morphed into Joel the Photographer Internationale, so the bread shelf will be empty more often than not.  Although bagels will continue to miraculously appear on occasion courtesy of Katie the Baker.  So, yeah, this price is applicable to the months of March and April.  In May, the CSA will regain some of the glory it is currently lacking.

Lastly, these are some tremendously busy times on the farm (I'm still trying to find the ones that aren't), so you will not find me whipping up too many embellishments for a more diverse offering.  Rather, I'm looking forward to May when we will be swimming in green, freshly dead plants!  Let's just coast on through these next two months, even if it is somewhat carnivorously.